The New Look Begins

You may have noticed the Commons looks a little different. Thanks to the work this week we have had the opportunity to experience more sunlight and a more open feeling on the Commons as the first phase of the project started.The work on the trees and shrubs will continue into next week on the west end and in bank alley. At the end of the project, as part of the redesign, there will be more trees planted. The new tree plantings will allow more sunlight on the Commons and provide for a more open feeling. Four different varieties of trees will be planted, Kentucky Coffeetree, Scarlet Oak, Japanese Pagodatree, and Shumard Oak.  Below is a picture of what the new tree layout.


The trees are being chipped on site and used for mulching. A few trees were slated to be transplanted. Unfortunately, the root balls of those trees are growing around the utilities underground which makes transplanting more difficult and more expensive. The two Yellowwoods in bank alley will stay on the Commons. They now have a fence around them to protect them during the construction phase.

Summer concerts and events will continue to be downtown with larger focus on Cayuga Street and areas around it. For information regarding summer concerts and events visit Downtown Ithaca Alliance at

The Harold Square project has had a truck on the Commons this week as well. This project is separate from the Commons upgrade and repair project. There will be overlap from time to time with these two projects on the Commons. This site will not be providing information regarding the Harold Square project but will provide information distinguishing the work.