Work Schedule for April 29 – May 2

What will be happening next week? The saw cutting will continue along the white painted line outlining where the construction fence will be. Construction of the fence will start on the east end of the Commons. There are about 400 wooden panels, each of which will be secured to the concrete. The construction fence should be in place by the end of May.

The contractors are using jack hammers to salvage the chess tables and chairs. The plan is to try and save them for possible re-use else where in the city.

The planet walk will be temporarily removed and put in storage during the construction phase and will be installed again in bank alley at the end of the project.

The contractors have been great to work with. They are friendly, respectful and have been willing to answer questions as community members have stopped to ask them about the project.

The Project Office is on the Commons in the Rothschild Building on the ground floor. The Project Team, Michael and Tammy, are usually either in the office or somewhere on the Commons. Feel free to stop by, say “hi” and ask questions.

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