Construction Fence is Going Up

Saw cutting along the white line outlining the perimeter of the work area is complete. The wood panel construction fence is now being installed. Originally, the fence installation was going to start on the east end, but to keep the playground available as long as possible, the fence installation has started on the west end.

Protection Fence

For those who have adopted a wooden panel for the mural project, these panels will be your canvas after they are primed. For more information regarding the mural project, including if you still want to adopt a panel, or to find out when the painting will be begin, contact

Most of the Planet Walk (Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury) was removed this week and put in storage. The Sun will be removed next week. The Planet Walk will be incorporated into the new design and will be placed again along Bank Alley.

Next week, 5/6 -5/9, the contractors will continue to put the construction fence in place. The demolition of the concrete planters will not occur until the fence is fully installed. As soon as the demolition schedule of the planters is available, the information will be posted on this site.

Once the construction fence is in place, there will be five pedestrian crossings along the construction fence (three on the main Commons and two on Bank Alley) for ease of access to all businesses on the Commons.