Construction Fence and Playground

This week all three clock towers were removed and the construction fence has been installed on the west end. Next week, installation of the fence will start on the east end and will then continue in bank alley.

Clock Tower Demo (2)        Clock Tower Demo (6)

   Protection Fence (4)

Demolition and removal of the concrete planters, pavilions, and benches started on the west end. Once complete, this work will shift to the east end and will continue toward the center of the Commons. Check back to find what day the demolition will begin on the east end and in bank alley.

Sadly, next week we will have to say goodbye to the playground structure. We were hoping to save and reuse the playground in another location, but a recent inspection report recommended that the structure should not be re-used. It is an older style playground and doesn’t meet some of the current safety standards. And YES! there will be another play structure on the Commons by the end of the project. So tell your kids.

If your child is interested in construction machines, it is a great time to bring them to the Commons. There is an excavator and a purple compact excavator named Barney on the west end helping out with the demolition.  And remember Bloom, Alphabet Soup and Jillian Drawers are always open for our little visitors.

Next week is finally the week that the Sun Planet Walk sculpture will be removed and placed in storage. It will again be installed in bank alley, along with the other Planet Walk sculptures, at the end of the project.