Week of May 27-30

This week the playground was removed, with a majority of its components donated to Finger Lakes Reuse.

Playground down 001   east end fence 001

The Planet Walk Sun Sculpture was moved into storage until next year.

east end fence 009  east end fence 024 east end fence 025

The construction fence around the perimeter of the work area is now almost complete.  Chain link gates will soon replace the temporary orange fencing at each entrance.

Pedestrian access is available to all businesses on the Commons. There are both east-west and north-south crossings throughout the site. Please be aware that because it is a construction site, at any time pedestrians may be rerouted to one side of the Commons or asked to wait while a construction vehicle moves through a pedestrian crossing.

The week of May 27th,  the demolition and removal of the concrete planters and pavilions and benches will start on the east end. The demolition will continue toward the center of the Commons and then shift to bank alley. The excavators and jack hammers being used for the demolition can be loud, and you may feel some vibrations in your building. Please contact us if you have any concerns. We are doing as much as we can to minimize the disruption.

Because of the Memorial Day holiday, the work schedule for next week is Tuesday – Thursday, 7:30AM – 6:00PM.

If you want to receive notifications of new construction updates by email, visit www.ithacacommons.info and click Follow on left column.