Week of June 3 – 6

Most of the work on the west end is complete. Next week, two new north-south pedestrian crossings will replace the current crossings. One will be located between Benjamin Peters and Race Office Supply and the other will be between Body Gear and Jillian’s Drawers. The crossings will be paved in asphalt.Construction gates will be installed at the crossings and the Cayuga Street entrance to allow construction vehicles to move through the site.

The work on the east end did not start last week, as was previously intended, but this was done so that the contractors could focus on completing the west end before the start of the Ithaca Festival. The work on the east end will begin next week with the demolition and removal of the concrete planters and pavilions and benches will start on the east end, and then shift to bank alley. The excavators and jack hammers being used for the demolition can be loud, and you may feel some vibrations in your building. Please contact us if you have any concerns. We are doing as much as we can to minimize the disruption.

Most of the bricks from the former Trolley Circle were salvaged along with all of the granite curbs that framed the circle. The granite curbs bore the names of significant landmarks across the region and are planned to be reinstalled at another public location. There will be a new Trolley Circle, in the same location with different material used in the design.

In the next couple of weeks, the street lights on the Commons are going to be reorganized to allow for more even spacing and consistent light levels.

Please be aware that because it is a construction site, at any time pedestrians may be rerouted to one side of the Commons or asked to wait while construction vehicle(s) move through a pedestrian crossing.  These disruptions will be temporary and should only last a few minutes.  We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this important work.