Early next week, weather permitting; the three north-south pedestrian crossings will be paved with asphalt. One is located between Benjamin Peters and Race Office Supply; one between Body Gear and Jillian’s Drawers and one between the Outdoor Store and Home Green Home. The east-west crossing near bank alley will also be paved.

ped crossings 004  ped crossings 002 6 007

The wooden construction fence zigs and zags because it was built around the concrete planters. Now that the planters have been removed, the bump outs will be moved in to align with the rest of the construction fence. Asphalt will be first placed to create a base to secure the fence.

zig zag fence 002

The asphalt may generate petrochemical odors, similar to when it is put down on driveways, parking lots or roadways.

Construction gates have been installed at the Cayuga and Aurora Street entrances. A gate will be also installed at the Tioga Street entrance as well as at the pedestrian crossings which will allow construction vehicles to move through the site.

6 009

The demolition and removal of the concrete planters on Bank Alley will continue through the week. The excavators used for the demolition can be loud, and you may feel some vibrations in your building. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

6 011

The street lights on the Commons will be reorganized to allow for more even spacing and consistent light levels.

Please be aware that because it is a construction site, at any time pedestrians may need to be rerouted to one side of the Commons or asked to wait while construction vehicle(s) move through a pedestrian crossing. These disruptions will be temporary and should only last a few minutes. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this important work.

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