It just came to our attention that this post from 7/8 did not post to the website. Our apologies for the delay of information sharing. The first phase of the Commons Project finished the first week of July, about 10 days ahead of schedule. Phase I involved the demolition and removal of the above ground structures. This work sets the stage for Phase II, which involves replacing and upgrading the underground utilities. The Phase II contract time frame is 7/29/2013 – 11/27/2013.

There will be a 3 week period where there will be no construction on the Commons. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance will be priming the inside of the wooden construction fence / mural project during this time. Priming the inside of the panels will extend the life span of the wooden construction fence.
inside panels painted 004

A key component of the second phase, and one of the major reasons driving this project, is replacement of the 100+year old water main. The current water main leaks at many of the joints. When the main is replaced, building owners will have the opportunity to upgrade their water service lines to support an automatic sprinkler system.

Another major benefit of this project, but one that will have to wait until Phase III is complete, is to create an even and safe surface to walk on. After four decades of localized underground repairs over the years, it has created a walking surface that is uneven and is a tripping hazard for the thousands of pedestrians that visit the Commons. In 2014, after the underground work is complete, the surface of the Commons will be completely redone.

The Project Team will be working with property owners over the next few weeks to assist them with utility and telecommunication upgrades they may need or want during Phase II.

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Enjoy the break, and please let us know if you have any questions.