The City has issued a notice to proceed to Vacri Construction (Binghamton, NY) for Phase 2 of the project. The contract will commence on Monday, July 29, 2013 and has a duration of 120 days.

The first task in the construction process is for the contractors’ suppliers to produce shop drawings and fabricate the new manhole structures and catch basins, which are formed from pre-cast concrete and steel. These items are being sourced from American manufacturers and will take approximately one month to be completed and shipped to the site.

In approximately two weeks, the contractor will be delivering machines and equipment to the site and will survey existing conditions in preparation for the water main work to begin in August. The work on the water mains is projected to take approximately two months to complete.

In September, work on the sanitary sewer will begin and will be followed by installation of the new storm sewer system. The work will culminate with the construction of the new telecommunications backbone and the site will be backfilled and cleaned up by Thanksgiving.

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