Starting Monday, August 19, Vacri Construction will be on site digging test pits. A test pit is an excavation made to examine the subsurface conditions on a construction site. One test pit will be outside of the construction fence on the sidewalk near Cayuga Street. This test pit is to locate the tapping point, which is the location where the new water main will connect to the existing water main.

The second test pit will be inside the work area near the Race Office Equipment building. The purpose of this pit is to locate existing Verizon transmission lines. The third test pit, also inside the work area, will be in Bank Alley to confirm the elevation of the existing high voltage electric line that cuts across the work area.

The new water main has been delivered to the off site location.

water pipes 1

water pipes 3water pipes 2
The installation of the new water main itself will commence around 8/26. This work will begin on the Cayuga Street end of the Commons and continue toward Aurora Street. The new pipe comes in 18-foot lengths with a 16-inch inside diameter. The contractor will dig an approximately 25-foot long trench, lay the 18-foot section of pipe, and then cover it before moving on to the next section. Before it is installed, a section of storm sewer pipe will need to be rerouted.

Pedestrians near Cayuga Street may be rerouted across the street and back again to the other side of the Commons when the work is occurring outside the work area.