AUGUST 28, 2013

During last week’s test pit excavation work in Bank Alley, Verizon’s concrete encased telecom lines were found running directly above the sanitary pipes that are slated to be replaced in Phase 2. Verizon’s subcontractor, Danella Construction, are now working in Bank Alley to break up the concrete with a jackhammer to access and move the telecommunication lines, so that the installation of the sanitary main can take place.

Also, the test pit excavation near Cayuga Street revealed that the existing 100 year old cast iron pipe is an atypical size. As a result of this observation, the Design Team and the contractor worked together to specify and order the appropriately sized tapping sleeve needed to connect the existing main to the new main. Due to this unforeseen delay, the water main work will begin the first week of September rather than this week.

On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, buildings in Bank Alley were experiencing flickering lights and brown outs. This was the result of work NYSEG was doing in another area in downtown, not from the commons Project. Thanks to the merchants who notified us so we could contact NYSEG immediately to clarify what the source was.