The Commons is buzzing with activity. Tuesday, the new tapping sleeve and valve were successfully connected to the existing main which is the first step before installing the new water main. The tapping sleeve connection is outside the construction fence on the West end of the Commons. There is orange fencing and cones blocking the area that was dug outside the construction fence with plenty of space for pedestrians to get by.

water main installation 9 4 004

The new main will be assembled in 20′ sections from west to east on E. State Street. This work will continue for the next month and is a great time to bring your children to the Commons to watch the large machines and the excavation. As you know, the Commons is open for business during the construction. There are lots of places to get lunch or dinner or to enjoy a beverage.  If you and your children need a break from the sun, there are a couple indoor play spaces for children as well.

water main installation 9 4 008    water main installation 9 4 006                   water main installation 9 4 005

In Bank Alley, Verizon is continuing their work breaking the concrete which encases their telecommunication lines. These lines need to be moved for the sanitary main work that will happen in Bank Alley.

The construction site is very active as new water main is being installed. At any time pedestrians may be rerouted to one side of the Commons or asked to wait while construction vehicle(s) move through a pedestrian crossing. These disruptions will be temporary and should only last a few minutes. Individual crossings will be closed for longer periods of time when the water main is being installed under the crossings. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this important work. And please say hi to Leighanne, the flag person that helps make the crossings safe for everyone.

flag lady 002