MONDAY’S UPDATE – 9/26/2013

The new water main installation on State Street is almost complete. Once complete, the process of preparing the new main to be put into service will begin.  The first step in preparing the new main is to flush out any construction debris, then to conduct a pressure test to make sure there are no leaks. The final two steps are to disinfect the main and to do a final flush.  This process can take up to one week.

The contractors have also started to install the new water main in Bank Alley. The pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Bank Alley and State Street will be closed for most of Monday, 9/16, while the new water main is being installed across that area. Also in Bank Alley the sub-contractor will continue to free up the telecommunication lines which are encased in concrete. These lines need to be moved for the sanitary main work that will happen in Bank Alley.

The sidewalk between Mansour Jewelers and Ithacards will also be closed Monday while a sanitary lateral is being replaced. Both businesses will be open and pedestrians will have access to each business.

Please be aware that partial sidewalk and pedestrian crossing closings will happen from time to time during the construction phase. There will be signage letting pedestrians know the best route to take.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.