UPDATE 9/20/2013

It was a busy Friday on the Commons. Asphalt was laid at each pedestrian crossing and at the intersection of Bank Alley and State Street over the area where the new water main was installed. Asphalt was also laid in front of Mansour Jewelers, Ithacards and Waffle Frolic where new sanitary laterals were replaced over the last week.

Walking through the Commons Friday morning was a bit like finding your way through a maze, and for that we apologize. We understand the frustration of being forced to take a longer route that results in showing up late for work or a meeting. The Project Team is working closely with Vacri Construction and emphasizing that the Commons is not only a construction site, but is also the center of activity for many people. We will continue to work hard to ensure easy access to each business and to allow people to maneuver around the Commons stress free.

Other utility companies are continuing their work in Bank Alley and at Trolley Circle to free up the telecommunication lines which are encased in concrete. These lines need to be moved for the sanitary main replacement that is planned. This work will continue over the next week and involves jack hammering and demolition of concrete and other masonry structures.

Three new fire hydrants were installed this week. The contractors have started the process of preparing the new water main to be in service and did the first flush. Next week there will be a pressure test conducted to assure there are no leaks. The full process of preparing the new water main will take up to a week.

The updates to the website will be more frequent than during the demolition phase. We encourage you to follow the website to get the updates as soon as they are posted.