WATER UPDATE 9/23/2013

Due to a water leak in the existing water main, water service was shut off west of Trolley Circle to MoonShadow for a couple of hours Monday morning. The City’s Water and Sewer Division investigated the leak and replaced a broken corporation stop, or “corp stop.”

A corporation stop controls the flow of water from a main to an individual customer. It is located where the service lateral is tapped into the main, so it is usually not accessible without digging up the street, or in this case, the Commons. Corp stops are also used on gas mains.

This leak was not a result of the Commons Upgrade and Repair Project, but was instead the result of the aging existing water main. This underscores the need to replace the underground infrastructure.

All tenants, merchants and property owners impacted by the water service disruption were notified when the water was shut off and when water service resumed. We apologize for any inconvenience to merchants and tenants.