WEEK OF 10/7 – 10/11

This week half of the buildings on State Street were connected to the new water main. This work will continue through the week of October 7th. During this work, the water to each individual building will be shut off between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The water main as a whole will not be shut down, only water to individual buildings. Each property owner and tenant will be notified in advance when their building will be connected.

Some of this work will happen outside the fenced area. There will be signs indicating any changes in the pedestrian route.

And we’d like to remind you that soil compacting will continue during the utility work. The compacting creates vibrations which may be felt in buildings. When the work takes place outside the construction fence, the compacting is closer to the buildings and the vibrations may be stronger. We will do our best to check in with individual merchants when this work is happening. Please don’t hesitate to contact Tammy Baker, Outreach Coordinator, at 607-220-8425 if you have any concerns.

The work in Bank Alley to free up the telecommunication lines encased in concrete is almost complete. Vacri will begin the installation of the new sanitary and water main there early next week.

The construction continues to be enjoyed by the young and old alike. One of the young observers noticed the design on one of the excavator buckets. Have you ever noticed an excavator bucket with a design? Do you know why the design is there? The answer will be posted next week.

adult and child  BUCKET DESIGN 005BUCKET DESIGN 002