WEEK OF 10/21 – 10/25

On West State Street, one construction crew is working to connect individual buildings to the new water main. 75% of the connections are done with all connections on East State Street finished.

Some of connections to the new water main must be made outside the construction fence, resulting in temporarily constricted pedestrian traffic in some locations. Orange construction fence will be used to demarcate these areas. Intermittent closures of the north-south pedestrian crossings will continue to occur as construction vehicles move through the site.

A second crew is working to install the water main in Bank Alley. Once installed, the process of putting the main into service will begin, which takes about one week. Then the two water lateral connections between the new main and buildings in Bank Alley will be made.

Verizon will also be working in Bank Alley, encasing their cabling in PVC and concrete.

The last sanitary manhole will be replaced on the east end, near the Aurora Street entrance.

A reminder that soil compacting will continue throughout Phase2 and then again during Phase 3 next year. The compacting creates vibrations, which may be felt in buildings. The vibrations may be stronger when the work happens outside the construction fence, closer to buildings. We will do our best to inform individual merchants when this work will be happening.

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