The sanitary sewer work on the Commons is now complete. Thank you to everyone for cooperating with the project team by honoring the minimum flush rule, for eliminating other water activities, and for being patient with the changing schedule. It was definitely a community effort.

What’s next: Starting Friday, November 15th and continuing through the early part of the week of November 18th, a portion of the construction fence in front of Center Ithaca will be moved to create a large public plaza for the approaching holiday season. Asphalt will be poured for the public plaza in front of Center Ithaca as well as  all the areas outside the construction fence where the sidewalk was dug up

Pedestrians are encouraged to be patient and to be aware of work that occurs outside of the construction fence.

Storm laterals will continue to be connected to the storm mains that run down State Street and in Bank Alley. A storm manhole will be installed Friday, November 15, at the Tioga Street end of Bank Alley. Catch basins will also be installed on State Street and in Bank Alley through the end of November.

Vacri will clean up the construction site and wrap up by November 27th, 2013.