After weeks of extremely frigid temperatures, construction on the Commons will resume in mid March with three contractors on site.

Vacri will complete the installation of an underground telecommunications mainline that will allow Internet service providers to bring state-of-the-art services to private properties as well as complete the water and fire service upgrades, started in Phase II.

NYSEG will replace their aging gas mains with newer, more durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

Power & Construction will begin the transition to temporary street lighting fixtures to prepare for the catenary lighting installation. The temporary street lighting will be moved around the site as needed. New conduit will also be installed underground to support the new lighting.

Once the work on the below grade utilities is complete, Vacri will begin to prepare the sub-grade surface for the concrete slab to be poured. Once the slab has cured, the laying of the pavers will begin.

Throughout Phase 3, access to businesses will be maintained to the greatest extent possible, although there will be times when work may happen directly in front of a store or apartment entrance. Any temporary closures for access to buildings will be closely coordinated with tenants of those buildings. The protection fence will be removed and replaced as needed with orange construction fencing which can be easily moved to allow safe pedestrian movement.

After a short winter furlough, Project Team members Jessica Buckley, Project Engineer, and Tammy Baker, Project Outreach Coordinator, are back to work with Michael Kuo, Project Manager who has been on site since the end of Phase II. As always, we are available to answer questions. You can stop by the office at 215 E State Street; call the office at (607) 216-8873 or Tammy’s cell (607) 220-8425. Please follow us on our website to receive the construction updates via email.