Over the winter, the bid package for the final phase of construction was issued and advertised for 51 days. Bids were received for the General Construction contract and the Electrical Construction contract on February 6 . On February 10, the Board of Public Works (BPW) awarded the Electrical contract to Power & Construction Group, Inc. out of Scottsville, NY (a suburb of Rochester). On February 24, BPW awarded the General Construction contract to Vacri Construction Corporation out of Binghamton, NY. Vacri was also the contractor during Phase II Utilities work this past fall. The bid came in over budget, resulting in the need to re-evaluate the scope of the project. As of today, components removed from the project to reduce costs are: the gateway arches, the water feature, the granite pavers, and the semi-movable furniture. To fill a remaining $2.0 million gap, Mayor Svante Myrick requested that Common Council vote to provide additional capital funds for the project. The supplemental funds were approved at a recent Common Council Meeting.

The DIA has formed a committee of community members that are undertaking a fund raising effort to help restore some of these items.