WEEK OF 3/17 – 3/21

Vacri will begin prepping the site Friday, 3/14, to begin the installation of the new telecommunications system. A mobile ground thawing unit, aka “Thawzall”, will be brought to the site on Friday. The Thawzall will be used throughout the weekend to help thaw the ground for installation of the 5’x 10’x 7’ telecom vaults. You may have noticed these large structures, which have been on site since February.


Tammy's 005 Tammy's 004

This work will begin inside the construction fence on the west end.  The construction fence will be re-installed in front of Center Ithaca, aka Trolley Circle. The north-south pedestrian crossing, near the Outdoor Store, will be re-opened.

With three contractors working together in a small construction site during Phase 3, the final phase, coordination is needed with all stake holders.  We are working together with the contractors, sub-contractors, property owners and merchants to move the project forward as efficiently and safely as possible.