THURSDAY 4/10/2014

On the east end – the north-south pedestrian crossing  near the Outdoor Store and Home Green Home will be closed during the day. Concrete will be poured over the installed conduit to complete the duct bank.

On the west end – a new sanitary lateral is being installed to 104 E State Street. The side walk area between Homegrown Skateshop and Optivision  is blocked. HomeGrown Skate Shop can be accessed from the west and all other stores on the north side can be accessed from the east.

The north-south sidewalk near Cayuga Street will be closed while work is being done with Verizon’s telecom duct. Some of this work extends into the crosswalk and street.

Please use caution when using the crosswalks at the Cayuga and State Street intersections.  Walk around the temporary orange construction that is in place to mark the work area and to keep pedestrians safe.