WEEK OF 4/28

Telecom installation to each individual property is near completion. Many property owners also opted for a water and fire service upgrade. Those services are being brought into the buildings along with the telecom conduits. The temporary and partial sidewalk closings over the last couple of weeks are a result of this work.

Power and Construction, the electrical contractor, will be on site early in the week. The contractor will start near Home Dairy Alley and work east toward Aurora Street. Most of the electrical work will take place outside the construction fence, about 8 feet in front of the building front and will not will not impede pedestrian traffic flow. Temporary orange fencing will surround the work area to keep pedestrians safe.

The work site will be getting busier with multiple contractors working together to complete the below grade work.

Please remember to look up while you are walking, and to pay attention to the temporary or partial sidewalk closings. There are signs posted on yellow sandwich boards and orange metal triangles to help you navigate your way efficiently and safely through the Commons.