Construction activities can produce substantial noise and vibrations. The Commons Repair and Upgrade Project is no exception. Construction activities such as breaking pavement and compacting soil can produce varying levels of vibration which can be felt on the sidewalk, on merchandise display units and throughout a building. There are a few reasons why the soil is compacted after the area is backfilled: to increase load-bearing capacity, prevent soil settlement and frost damage, provide stability, and help reduce water seepage, swelling and contraction.

Throughout the final phase of the construction, we strongly recommend that merchandise is displayed to minimize the impact of the vibrations and limit the risk of damage. The Project Outreach Coordinator, Tammy Baker, will often notify merchants when compacting will be happening outside their building.

As the work site gets busier with more contractors and crews on site, it will be difficult to remind each merchant when vibrations will impact a particular building. Tammy will continue to keep merchants informed via the website, weekly updates and visiting merchants.

If, at any point, you have questions regarding the construction activity, please call Tammy at the Project Office, (607)220-8425.