The east-west pedestrian crossing, Bank Alley and State Street intersection, will be closed today to pedestrian traffic while NYSEG is installing the new gas main. NYSEG will begin to saw cut the north sidewalk going west of the intersection. This work will narrow the sidewalk but will not block pedestrian flow.

IMG_1686[1]  IMG_1684[1]

On the north side of the west end, asphalt is being poured on the dirt trench patches today. This work is between the construction fence and the building fronts. Once the asphalt is poured, plywood will be put on the asphalt so pedestrians can walk across the area.


The last telecom upgrade is being installed at 148 E State Street (the old Cell Phone City Store) today. The east-west sidewalk will be blocked in front of 148 E State Street until the work is complete.

Please remember to look up while you are walking, and to pay attention to complete or partial sidewalk closings. There are signs posted to help you navigate your way efficiently and safely through the Commons.