WEEK OF MAY 12 -16

Vacri will install the last of the telecom backbone starting Monday, May 12. This work will happen on Bank Alley in the west sidewalk area between Tompkins Trust and Seneca Street. From Tioga and Seneca Streets, pedestrians can access the Commons from the east walk way (by Chemung Canal Trust, formerly Bank of America). E. E. Root will be working in the small alley off Bank Alley starting Monday and will move east, across the sidewalk into the main construction area. Below is a picture of the telecom conduits being encased in concrete creating a duct bank.

The Tompkins Trust front entrance will be accessible from the south Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday to Friday the sidewalk area around Tompkins Trust will be closed and they will only be entered through their back entrance, which will be accessible all week from Seneca Street.

On the north side of the State St. portion of the Commons, installation of the electrical conduit and the new gas main will continue. The work will take place outside the construction fence and will narrow the sidewalk area but will generally not hinder pedestrian traffic flow. Temporary orange fencing defines the work area and separates pedestrians from the work site.


Electrical Conduit before being installed.


Electrical conduit encased in concrete creating a duct bank.


New gas main installed.

NYSEG will begin electrical work in Bank Alley on Monday inside the main construction fence to relocate a secondary electric line that feeds the lights on Aurora Street.

Please remember to look up while you are walking and to pay attention to temporary or partial sidewalk closings. There are signs posted to help you navigate your way efficiently and safely through the Commons. The work site is extremely busy with multiple contractors working together to complete the below grade work.