WEEK OF MAY 19 – 23

Starting Monday, May 19th, the new telecom will be connected to two existing manholes: one in the intersection of Aurora and E. State Street and one at E. Seneca and N. Tioga Street.

Vehicles travelling northbound on S. Aurora St. will be diverted to E. State St. and vehicles travelling westbound on E. State St. will be routed south to S. Aurora St. or north to N. Aurora St. This work is expected to last two days.


Sections of the 100 and 200 blocks of East Seneca Street will be reduced to one parking lane and one travel lane. This work is expected to last three days.


NYSEG gas will continue to install their new gas main and Power and Construction will continue to install the new electrical conduit. Both contractors will be working outside the mural construction fence about 6 to 8 feet in front of each building. Power and Construction has three crews on site. One at the west end near 102 E State St, one crew in Bank Alley and one crew working with NYSEG gas on the north side near Mockingbird Paperie.  In the picture below, Power and Construction is in the foreground and NYSEG gas is in back.



On Tuesday, Verizon and NYSEG electric will be working side by side in Trolley Circle. As a result the east – west sidewalk (intersection of State and Tioga St) will be closed for pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians entering Bank Alley from Seneca and Tioga Streets and then heading west, should walk down the Tompkins Trust side of Bank Alley. Pedestrians heading east, should walk on the Chemung Canal Trust Side of Bank Alley.