Monday evening, NYSEG gas worked until 7:30PM jackhammering out an old concrete footer.  We apologize for the inconvenience and the annoyance of the disruption extending into dinner hours.

The footers fall under “unforeseen conditions”.  In this circumstance the footer was not marked on our maps and was in direct conflict with the installation of the gas main.  It is important that NYSEG gas finish installing the gas main as quickly and efficiently as possible to help the project stay on schedule.

NYSEG gas has been installing about 80’ of the gas main per day.  The discovery of the footers slowed the work.  Since this conflict was identified late in the day on Monday a decision was made to continue working until later in the day to try to maintain the schedule. There is a possibility that there are more footers  that will need to be jackhammered out.

Until the footers are removed and gas main is installed, NYSEG gas may work until 7:00-7:30 each evening.