Thursday, 6/26 and Friday, 6/27

Power and Construction Group (P&CG) is installing new electrical conduit in the east sidewalk (Chemung Canal Trust Side) of Bank Alley. Entrance will be blocked from Seneca St, but the building is accessible from the Commons. This work will continue through the end of the week. Next week P&CG will begin installing light pole bases in Bank Alley.

NYSEG gas is continuing the gas main installation. Since the accident at Simeon’s on Friday, the NYSEG gas crew has moved to the west end until we get the okay to start work at the east end again. Their immediate response to move construction material and vehicles out of the way to allow emergency access was critical for first responders. The crew is now working in the parking lane on Cayuga Street connecting the new main to the existing main. This work will be time consuming as the main is replaced to the west and south of the intersection.

Vacri has completed one of three Bernie Milton Pavilion foundations and has completed the footing on the second. They will also be completing the installation of a fire service to 124 E State St.