Week of 8/4 & 8/11

The new gas main is now active and new gas services are being brought into each building. This is the last of the underground utility work. DDS, NYSEG’s sub-contractor, is now working on Saturdays to expedite the completion of the gas services. Some buildings are getting gas service off the back of the Commons. On Saturday, 8/2, DDS worked behind the Commons near City Hall to bring in a new gas service to the future Harold Square Building. The gas services will be complete the week of 8/18. DDS will continue the work in Aurora & State Street through the week of 8/18.

In Bank Alley the first concrete slab was poured next to American Crafts.

IMG_2025   20140804_123946

The final footer for the Bernie Milton Pavilion is complete. The footer for the granite seat walls are starting to be dug and framed with rebar.IMG_2030

Power and Construction Group is continuing to install electrical hand holes and light pole bases.


The Project Team is working on a revised work schedule.