What’s happening in Bank Alley? The first concrete slab was poured above the newly built areaway ceiling for American Crafts. An areaway (or vault) is where the basement extends beyond the property line underneath the sidewalk. Some areaways are usable spaces, some are not. American Crafts areaway is a usable space whose existing ceiling was not strong enough for the planned emergency access route in the new Commons design.

Am Crafts walk way

At the north end of Bank Alley, in front of Tioga Place and M&T Bank, the footers are being poured for the granite seat walls and stairs. Behind the yellowwood trees the footer for the granite curb is in place.

On the left is the footer for the granite curbing.  On the right is a trench for the granite seat wall footer.

Bank Alley Footer 2
Footer for the granite seat wall and stairs near M&T Bank.

In the small alley behind American Crafts, there will be a new storm drainage system installed. There is also an areaway that extends underneath the alley from one of the adjacent buildings, which is being back-filled.

There will be four electrical distribution panels on the new Commons. The panels are similar to a breaker box that you would find in a home, but much bigger. Electrical conduits that will run to each distribution panel are already installed underground.

Panel 1 – against the brick wall of 102 E State St facing Cayuga Street.

Panel 2 – near Madeline’s facing Aurora St. Once the new bus shelter is built, this panel will be moved next to the bus shelter closer to Aurora St.

Panel 3 – in the small alley off of Bank Alley

Panel 4 – at the north end of Bank Alley near Seneca St. This is behind the Bernie Milton Pavilion location.

NYSEG has completed connecting gas service to all buildings on the Commons except for the Benchwarmer’s building. All but four buildings have been tied into the new gas main. Once this work is complete, the old gas main will be retired.
NYSEG is also working in Cayuga and Aurora Streets tying in the new gas main to the existing gas main in the street.