Concrete slab will start being poured this week on the west side of bank alley. Any existing sidewalk and asphalt will first have to be removed. Once removed, the area needs to be prepped for the concrete slab pour.  This work will be done in phases so that entrances to buildings will be accessible as much as possible.

Wednesday, the work will start near Tompkins Trust Company and continue north to Tioga Place. To enter Tompkins Trust Company, please use the side entrance through the back parking lot of Seneca St. The entrance from Bank Alley will be closed on Wednesday.

Thursday the plan is to continue north toward the M&T Bank entrance.  Tioga Place and TC3 can be accessed from M&T Bank between 9:00AM & 5:00PM or from the Commons.

The proposed future water feature vault was successfully installed this week and the intersection of Tioga and State Street will be open to pedestrians on Wednesday.

A new storm system was installed in the small alley off of Bank Alley. New pavement will be installed in the alley by the end of the week.