The finish program has started! The entire Commons will be finished with a concrete slab and concrete paving units (like bricks) on top.

Out with the old....

Out with the old….

In with the new...

In with the new…


On the west side of Bank Alley, from Tompkins Trust Company to M&T Bank, the existing sidewalk has been removed and a concrete slab poured. A concrete strip, up to one foot wide, is poured on top of the base slab, along the building fronts. The pavers need a solid, straight edge to be installed against so the width of the strip will vary depending on the edge of the building front. This strip is the first finished surface area.

Friday, 9/19, the contractors will move to the east side of Bank Alley. The east sidewalk will be closed from Seneca Street to the north edge of the accessibility ramp of the Chemung Canal Trust Building. Access to Chemung Canal Trust Company building will be from the Commons and the accessibility ramp on the east side of Bank Alley. The pavers will start being installed once the concrete slab is complete in Bank Alley.


There will be two kinds of drains installed on the new Commons, trench and slot drains, to control water drainage.

IMG_2341     IMG_2344

Also in Bank Alley, a new storm drainage system was installed and a new black top surface, in the small alley between American Crafts and Tompkins Trust Company.


A hole has been dug for the first of two footers for the east end gateway structure. The footer will be poured on Friday. The sidewalk on the corner near Madeline’s will be closed until the area is backfilled the week of 9/22. Pedestrians can walk under the awning at 215 E State St, by Lou’s Hot Dogs, to get to the Commons.

IMG_2359  IMG_2361

Power and Construction Company is digging test pits in preparation of augering 11 feet deep light pole bases as well as installing power bollards for electrical outlets for the new Commons. Installation of light pole bases will commence next week on the 200 block of E State St.