DECEMBER 3, 2014

The paving program is still going strong in Bank Alley. The east side (near Chemung Canal Trust) is now open from Seneca St to the Commons. The west side will be closed Wednesday afternoon through Friday from Seneca St to Tioga Place while the pavers are installed to complete the west sidewalk. In the center of Bank Alley the pavers will continue to be installed as long as the weather allows.


The fence will be opened up from Center Ithaca to the Yellow wood trees on Thursday, 12/11, for the start of the ice carving and chowder cook-off events.

The concrete slab on the 200 Block of E State St will be finished on Friday, from Chemung Canal Trust to Aurora St. Thermal blankets will need to stay on the concrete until the week of 12/8 to assist the curing of the concrete cold temperatures.