After another cold and snowy winter, the final construction season for the Commons will resume on March 13th.

On Friday, the general contractor, Vacri Construction, will bring a mobile ground thawing unit, aka “Thawzall” on site to help thaw the ground for the gateway structure footers. The Thawzall will be located on the west end near 102 E State St and will be on site throughout the weekend. Some of the wooden construction fence at the west end will be replaced with chain link fence.

On Monday, March 16, the contractors will begin to dig the first of two footers for the west end gateway structure. The sidewalk will be slightly narrowed. Pedestrians will be able to access the Commons from the west while this work occurs. The installation of the gateway structures is scheduled for May.

At each entrance to the Commons there will be a “bump out”, where the curb extends 8 feet into the street beyond the existing sidewalk.

Syrstone, the paving contractor, will complete the paving installation in Bank Alley as soon as the snow and puddles are gone. We are hoping for mid-April start date. Once the pavers are complete in Bank Alley, the paving will move to at the east end near Aurora St., moving west toward Trolley Circle.

This winter, Power and Construction Group completed installing the light poles. This spring, cables will be attached to the light poles for the catenary lights to hang from.

During this final construction phase, access to businesses will be maintained to the greatest extent possible. There will be times when work will happen directly in front of a store or apartment entrance. Any temporary closures for access to buildings will be closely coordinated with tenants of those buildings. The protection fence will be removed and replaced as needed to allow safe pedestrian movement.

As always, we are available to answer questions. You can stop by the office at 215 E State Street; call the office at (607) 216-8873 or contact the Project Outreach Coordinator, Tammy Baker, at  (607) 220-8425. Please follow us on our website, http://www.IthacaCommons.info, to receive the construction updates via email.