Please come and stroll through Bank Alley. Most of the chain link fence was removed on Friday to allow pedestrians to walk down the middle and to get a close up look at the new Bernie Milton Pavilion.

View from Seneca Street

View from Seneca Street

So what is left to do in Bank Alley? Within the next couple weeks planter railings will be installed on the inside of the three planters. By April 23rd, perennial plants, shrubs and five red bud trees will be planted in the three planters. And the chain link fence will be removed from around the planters.

In addition to the three planter areas, there is a “green screen” planting area, a.k.a. vertical garden, on the east side of the pavilion which will also be planted by April 23rd.

At each entrance to the Commons there will be a “bump out”, where the curb extends 8 feet into the street beyond the existing sidewalk. The material for the Seneca St bump out is being staged at the north east corner of Bank Alley (near Seneca St). This area will be fenced in until the bump out is complete. In the mean time, please enjoy the new walk way, the spaciousness and know we are getting closer to completion.