WEEK OF 4/20/2015

The work being done is now tangible and above ground and we are getting a sense of how the new Commons will look and feel. During the first two years most of the work was replacing underground utilities. The utility work, once complete, was buried and hidden from the naked eye, and the site often looked the same again and again. The contractors continue to work as hard now as they did the first two years; however, the difference is that the results are more obvious and appreciable.

On the 200 block, the paving installers continue to work east to west. On Monday, 4/20, the pavers will be installed on the south sidewalk from the edge of 215 E State St, near Madeline’s Restaurant, moving west toward Center Ithaca. Pedestrians can walk under the arcade of 215 E State St to access the Commons. While the paver program continues moving west, there are other crews working on the 100 block preparing the site for the pavers.

On the 100 block, the existing sidewalk was replaced with the new base slab on the north side from American Crafts to Cellar D’Or. On Monday, 4/20, the contractors will move to the south side to remove the existing sidewalk and install the new concrete slab from Alphabet Soup moving west to the Poster Store.

On Wednesday, 4/22, the existing sidewalk by Home Dairy Alley will be removed. From Green Street, pedestrians can walk access to the Commons through the back door of Center Ithaca or through the side door of the Mate’ Factor in Home Dairy Alley.

The gateway structure trusses at Aurora Street were dry-fitted and field measured before sending them off for finish painting. The trusses will be powder- coated and installed permanently sometime in May along with the gateway at Cayuga Street.