WEEK ENDING 5/8/2015

Bank Alley
Landscaping is now complete on Bank Alley.  The smaller planting areas at mid-block were landscaped with both pink and white flowering eastern red bud trees along with many native perennial plants in the understory.  The largest planter closest to the pavilion features the two Yellowwood trees from the original Commons, as well as native plantings. Adjacent to the Bernie Milton Pavilion, two green screens have been planted with Five Leaf Akebia and Climbing Hydrangea.  The glass roof for the pavilion is scheduled to be installed in late-July.

  IMG_3147  IMG_3145

200 Block (Aurora Street to Trolley Circle)
As of today, the new paving is complete.   New decorative railings for the four planting areas are in the final stages of production.  After the railings are installed, landscaping can begin.  The trusses for the gateway structure are scheduled to be installed the week of May 18.  The area will remain part of the construction area until the paving contractor is further west toward Home Dairy Alley and the landscaping is complete.


Trolley Circle
Yes, there will be another Trolley Circle. The Trolley design will be created with etched pavers instead of metal rails. Installation of pavers will begin on May 11 and will take 8 – 10 days to complete. Pedestrian access will be challenging but will be maintained across the intersection. Please look for signs for the best route.

100 Block
The concrete program is complete from Trolley Circle up to Mansour Jewelers. The granite bench blocks have been installed with planter curb and new paving to follow.

In front of Benchwarmers, the odd-looking raised slab with numerous circular carve-outs is the location for the new playground. The installation of the playground is scheduled for July.

At the very west end of the block, the general contractor is presently constructing the foundations for three planting areas between Home Dairy Alley and Cayuga Street. Once these are complete, the contractor will begin to remove the remaining existing sidewalk and pour the concrete slab on the north side, from Cellar D’Or to Moonshadow, then repeat the process on the south side from the Poster Store to the Gorgers Taco Shack. Once the concrete slab is finished in front of the buildings, the contractors will prepare the middle area for the concrete slab.

Four of the twelve catenary spans have been installed. This work will generally proceed west as the concrete program is completed in a given area.



Some of the new pavers have what appears to be dried salt on top of them. There is a chemical process occurring in some of the pavers called efflorescence (which means “to flower out” in French). It often occurs on masonry construction, particularly brick, when water moving through a wall or other structure, or water being driven out as a result of the heat of hydration as cement stone is being formed, brings salts to the surface that are not commonly bound as part of the cement stone. As the water evaporates, it leaves the salt behind, which forms a white, fluffy deposit, that can normally be brushed off.