JULY 1, 2015

The last phase of work on the Aurora St and Cayuga St entrances began the last week. There will be a “bumpout” at each entrance. The bumpout extends approximately 8’further into the intersection from the previous curb line and is intended as a pedestrian safety measure and to create a more welcoming entrance to the Commons. Once the concrete slab is complete at the entrance, pavers can be installed. The Aurora St entrance will be finished first, then the Cayuga St entrance, followed by the Seneca St entrance. The chainlink fence will be completely removed at Aurora St once the pavers are installed at that entrance.

The installation of the playground is scheduled to begin on 7/2 and will take approximately one week to complete. Once the structure is finished, the rubberized safety surfacing for the playground will be poured in place.

The pavers are now approximately 80% complete moving west toward Cayuga St. The chainlink fence will be removed as the work continues to move west and planter railings and soil are installed at the finished areas.


Many people are enjoying the new tables and swivel chairs. Contrary to media reports, the chairs were installed exactly as per the design documents. Unfortunately, due to a design error, the backs of the chairs come into contact with the table edges. We are working with the architect on a permanent solution but in the meantime, the City has put plastic bumpers on the side of the chair for reduce the stress of the impact. You may notice that there are three chairs per table. This is to allow a person in a wheelchair or stroller to also be at the table.

The wooden benches are now installed on the 200 block. These benches are mounted to the granite blocks that are adjacent to the planter areas.


Nine sets of movable tables and chairs have been set up on the 200 block. This moveable furniture is intended to be set up all over the Commons after construction is complete.

The streetlighting is complete except for one section of the catenary lights near Aurora St and one light head for the playground, where we are waiting for replacements for defective materials.

The traffic signal lights near the “ITHACA COMMONS” sign on the Aurora St Gateway Structure have been raised so that the sign is now visible from  the vehicular lane on the 300 Block of East State. The City is continuing to work on a solution for both entrances so that the visual conflict between the traffic signal assembly and the gateway structure can be diminished.