WEEK OF 7/20/2015

The playground is here!!! Moments after the fence was removed from around the playground, kids were on it. It is a great magnet for kids of all ages, parents and grandparents.

The light pole base covers are being installed. These are temporary covers. The permanent base covers will be installed at a later time.


200 Block –
Bike racks will soon be installed on the Aurora Street bumpout along with a newspaper box. A small amount of road work will be done to align the road way to the new curb. Other than that the 200 Block is complete.

100 Block –
The planters between Trolley Circle and Home Dairy Alley will be planted the week of 7/20/2015. Once planted, the fence will be removed and more blue movable furniture will adorn the Commons.

The pavers will continue to be installed on the west end. Once the pavers are installed they are swept with polymeric sand. The current plan, which is weather dependent, is to sweep the north sidewalk from Benjamin Peters to Optivision on Monday, 7/20. The sidewalk will be closed from approximately 6:30 AM – 9:30AM. Residents will be able to come and go from their apartment buildings during that time and employees will be allowed to get to their business. We encourage employees to use their backdoor before 9:30 if possible. No through traffic will be allowed until the sweeping is complete. On Tuesday, the south sidewalk will be swept with polymeric sand from Race (where Rev is now temporarily located) to Casablanca Pizza. Again the sidewalk will be closed to through traffic with the exception of residents and employees.

The gateway structure at the Cayuga St entrance was installed on Friday, 7/17.


Bank Alley –
The Seneca St bumpout work started the week of 7/13 and the work will continue through the week of 7/20. The glass for the Bernie Milton Pavilion will begin to be installed the week of 7/27.